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Gallery Submission Rules:

Please read rules very acuracy and follow them all the time you post.

  1. Choose Right Recip! You can see all recips here : Recip Links
  2. Choose Right CATEGORY!
  3. Make Quality Thumb ! Or you will be rejected !!
  4. Galleries must have a minimum of 3 movies or 12 images
  5. Description 45 - 70 Characters
  6. No more than 1 counter (makes page loading slow)
  7. No promotion for dialer programs
  8. No "Next", "More", "Page 1 Page 2", "Enter Here" or "Main" links.
  9. The cleaner your galleries are, the higher the chances of getting listed
  10. No popup or exit windows, not on the gallery and not at your sponsors!
  11. No dynamic gallery.The url you submit has to be static and can't be altered after you've submitted.The gallery will get deleted.
  12. NO trojans, redirects or anything. Your account will get deleted and you will get blacklsited.
  13. If you have questions or you'd like to report a bug - contact me icq ( 62506777 )

Partners please submit your galleries :

  • The Asian King - HERE!

  • Partner accounts :

    Everybody can get a free account. The reason I am using accounts now is because it gives me more control over the cheaters, who are ruining it for all of us.

    1. It's free
    2. No limitation on daily gallery submissions, post as many as you want
    3. If your application gets declined, you can apply again.
    4. With your free account, you can submit every day.
    5. If you not received any emails from us in a week after application.. contact me on icq some filters can block emails ;((
    6. Same gallery rules apply for both the premium as the free accounts.
    7. If you cheat, I'll blacklist everything I can find of you, and deactivate your account.

    Apply for free partner accounts :

    Make sure your turn your proxy servers off - submiters form all countrys welcome as long as you submiting galleries without cheating... application with proxys getting rejected automaticly... nothing personal but its rule.. thanks for undestanding ;)

  • The Asian King - HERE!

  • Trade Traffic :

    TheAsianKing is open to trades. I am especially looking for High Quality site.
  • The Asian King - HERE!

  • Hard Link Exchange :

    TheAsianKing is open to Hard Link Exchange!
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